Saturday, March 3, 2007


Make-up can be natural or dramatic, light or heavy, can enhance your natural features or act as a mask or a disguise. So, before you begin, you must decide which effect you want to get. However extreme you want the finished look to be, the trick is to use a light hand. Always start gently and build up the colour, shade and shape. It's much easier to add than take away and less timeconsuming, at least until you've become adept at handling the pencils, palettes, powders, creams and brushes that are a part of the modern cosmetic kit.


If it's done in hot climate, then wash your face with a facial foam and water. And if it's a cold climate, then cleanse, tone and moisturise before starting.

  1. Apply the base foundation closest to the skin colour.Preferably apply with finger tips and then apply transculent powder to set the foundation.
  2. Suck your cheeks and apply powdered blusher with a blusher brush to enhance the high cheek bones.
  3. Apply eye shadow, first the lighter shade and then a dark shade on the crease of the eye and blend it well with your ring finger.
  4. Apply eyeliner, a thin line from inner corner to the outer corner.
  5. Then apply transparent mascara lashes and then a black or brown mascara.
  6. Outline the lip with a lip pencil and fill the inside with lipstick to match your outfit and colour of your skin.
  7. Your final look. It's not difficult. If you pracitice a few times, you will become an expert.